Top 10 Gifts for Crocheters: Summer 2019

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What’s more fun than crocheting? Shopping, of course! There are so many awesome products for crocheters that expand beyond yarn. Lately, I have been finding so many crochet-related merchandises that I really want to share with the crafting community. After all, sharing is caring! Although this is technically a “gift guide,” I also encourage all crafters to treat yourselves! These items are so awesome and fun – you don’t have to wait for someone else to buy them for you.

Although this post is geared more towards crocheters, some items also work for knitters! Enjoy!


Luxury Ceramic Cat Yarn Bowl

ceramic bowl with cat faceI love this gorgeous yarn bowl by Darn Good Yarn! They sell a few different yarn bowl designs, but the cat one is the cutest one I’ve seen thus far! Then again, maybe I’m biased – I’m definitely a cat person. At the time of posting this yarn bowl is on sale – so go grab one before it goes back to full price! Use coupon code YoungGrannyB15 for 15% off.


Hooked on Murder (A Crochet Mystery) 

book coverI knew about this book series for a while but hadn’t read it until recently. Unfortunately for me, it seems I am reading the books out of order – unintentionally! I took out book #11 Hooking for Trouble thinking it was the first book. Still, I’m halfway through that book and am planning to read more of the series! In addition to the crochet puns, each book also includes a recipe and crochet pattern. These books are perfect for some light summer reading by the pool!


Resting Stitch Face Short Sleeve T-Shirt

model wearing resting stitch face shirt
Photo property of A Crafty Concept

If you don’t already follow Ashley from A Crafty Concept, I strongly recommend that you start! She offers so many adorable patterns, especially of the boho type. Plus she and Taylor of TaylorLynnCrochet have weekly Facebook live events. I follow their Facebook page for crafters and it is honestly so much fun! Ashley recently launched a crochet merchandise line, and of course, the items are so cute! The Resting Stitch Face T-Shirt is my favorite, so I had to list it here first.

Yarn Punk Leggings

yarn punk leggings
Photo property of Knot Bad

What goes well with a crocheting t-shirt? Yarn Punk leggings! Vincent of Knot Bad has a Yarn Punk merchandise line and the designs are all fun and funky. Plus, he also has tutorials on how to add “yarn punk” style to your store-bought clothing. For a bonus, check out his pokemon amigurumi Instagram posts!



Literary Yarns: Crochet Projects Inspired by Classic Books

book cover

I have to be honest here – I never even knew this book existed until about a month ago. I went on my local library’s database and looked up crochet books – and voila! Honestly, I can’t wait to start making some these characters! There are amigurumi crochet patterns for classic literary characters like Frankenstein’s monster and Sherlock Holmes. They are just so adorable!


DIY Cactus Amigurumi Knit & Crochet Starter Kit

3 small yarn cactiI own this kit myself and have been working on making the cacti. I am normally not a fan of making amigurumi, but this kit is actually really easy and fun. It includes all the materials you need, including the yarn and pattern. You may want to use your own crochet hook or knitting needles as the ones provided are a little flimsy. Personally, I can’t wait to finish making all 3 of these so I can display them in my apartment. Cacti are the best, but can’t own any because my cat would hurt herself. I am planning to post a full review once I am done making them! Use coupon code YoungGrannyB15 for 15% off.


50 Skeins of Acrylic Yarn in Assorted Colors – Perfect for Mini Knitting and Crochet Project

small skeins of yarnSmall skeins of acrylic yarn are so much fun and have so much potential. I personally enjoy using them for making appliques to add to different crochet and knit projects – a small heart, dolphin, or flip flop make a great addition to projects! I also use them to make hearts for the Peyton Heart Project. Small hearts and appliques are the perfect items to make when you get bored or tired from a big project.


Remnants Reborn Pet Blanket

pet blanket
Photo property of Comfort for Critters

The Remnants Reborn pet blankets aren’t just useful for crafters – these blankets will come in handy for any pet owner! They are made from leftover materials used to make pet blankets for animal shelters, and all proceeds go towards Comfort for Critters so they can donate even more blankets. Essentially you are purchasing a blanket for an animal in need while purchasing a blanket for your own fur baby. We featured Comfort for Critters in our Crafting for Charity series. To learn more about it, click here.


3-Ply Hemp – Plum

hemp yarnLately, I’ve been hearing so much about Hemp yarn! I really can’t wait to try it! It’s vegan and has a different texture than acrylic and animal-based fibers. Acrylic yarns contain plastic, which isn’t so great for the environment. Hemp yarn seems like a great alternative that is not animal-based. And the plum-colored one is just so gorgeous! Use coupon code YoungGrannyB15 for 15% off.


Yarn of the Month Club

Yarn of the month club boxI love Darn Good Yarn’s Yarn of the Month Club! For a small price, knitters and crocheters get yarn and a pattern in the mail. This is great for people who cannot decide on projects to make and those who have trouble matching yarns to patterns. Everything you need is included. All the yarns and materials are eco-friendly and ethically made. Click here to read my full review of the first box in the Yarn of the Month Club. Use coupon code YoungGrannyB15 for 15% off.


Have you used any of these items before? Do you plan to? Let us know in the comments!

If you sell crochet or knit related merchandise you would like to be considered for a future gift guide, contact me and let me know!


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