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I Heart The Peyton Heart Project is part of my [yarn] crafting for charity series. To see the full list of posts in this series click here.

By highlighting these worthy crafting charities, I hope more crafters will decide to donate some of their time and energy to these amazing causes!

The Peyton Heart Project was co-founded by Jill Kubin and Sue Harris in 2015 as a way to eliminate the stigma around mental health and depression through handmade yarn hearts. I had the privilege of speaking with Jill Kubin who graciously answered my many questions.

Photo of white handmade heart from window overlooking marina
Heart found in New Zealand. Credit: The Peyton Heart Project

What is The Peyton Heart Project?

The process behind The Peyton Heart Project is super simple and I broke it down for you in 3 easy steps!

Basically, crafters make hearts, inspirational tags are put on the hearts, and then the hearts are placed in public where they can be found.

The purpose of this project is to ease conversations about mental health, suicide, and bullying. Its namesake is Peyton James, who died by suicide in 2014 at the young age of 13. 

Each heart contains a tag with an inspirational message. The idea is that each heart symbolizes a life taken by suicide and the inspirational message will lift the spirits of those who find them.

The best part about this project is that it is easy for anyone to get involved! There are many options for yarny crafters, but there are many options for those who are less crafty as well!

Personally, I love this nonprofit and its message! The concept is so simple but so meaningful. I have donated hearts to this project a few times, and am in the middle of making even more hearts. This is a great way to use up the spare yarn you have! 

Purple heart with pink tag sitting in opening of the Great Wall of China
Purple heart found at the Great Wall of China. Credit: The Peyton Heart Project

Step 1: Making the Hearts

The finished hearts should be between1.5 and 2.5 inches with a loop 5 to 6 inches. If the loop is any larger, a child may try to wear it around their neck, causing a choking hazard. The loop should be 2 strands tied together. 

Please be sure to make hearts out of any color except black. Black hearts often have a negative connotation, especially regarding depression and sadness.

Picture of a woman in a pink poncho holding a heart
Heart found in Macchu Picchu. Credit: The Peyton Heart Project

Heart Patterns and Designs

The Peyton Heart Project provides a list of knitted and crocheted heart patterns on their site. You can access the full list here.

Personally, I have crocheted all my hearts with this pattern from tootooamy from YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23EvTAIFM_U It's very simple and quick to make!

Here are some especially beautiful crocheted heart patterns, assembled by The Peyton Heart Project: 

Magic Crochet Hearts by B.Hooked

Crochet Felted Swirly Heart – by Planet June 

Heart Motif – by Addey 

Hearts – by Jaime Page 

Boho Hearts – by Sandra Paul 

And here are some especially beautiful knit patterns, assembled by The Peyton Heart Project:

Hearts – by Anna Hrachovec 

Heart – by Linda Dawkins 

Heart – by Linda Dawkins (different design than the one above!) 

Seamless Heart – by G'Lavish Designs 

Heart Shape Softie – by Kristen McDonnell 

But wait, what if I don't knit or crochet? Can I still make a heart? Yes! 

The Peyton Heart Project also accepts cardboard hearts covered in yarn. Click here for the YouTube tutorial by Crafting with Cara.

Please be sure to read The Peyton Heart Project's official guidelines before making the hearts!

Multicolored blue and purple heart affixed to a tree
Credit: The Peyton Heart Project

Step 2: Tags

Click here to access the tags with inspirational quotes. 

You do not have permission to alter any of the tags. If you notice an error or have an idea for a tag, you can contact The Peyton Heart Project directly.

The Peyton Heart Project strongly recommends using thicker paper so it won't tear easily. 

There are also supplemental tags you can add to the hearts in addition to the ones with inspirational quotes, such as crisis phone numbers and event tags.

If you do not have a way to print the tags, you can also mail the hearts to The Peyton Heart Project directly and they can add them for you.

Picture of a woman in Cambodia holding up a found heart
Heart found in Cambodia. Credit: The Peyton Heart Project

Step 3: Scattering the Hearts

You have 2 options for Step 3: a) scatter the hearts yourself, or b) mail them to The Peyton Heart Project directly for others to scatter.

Scattering the Hearts Yourself:

Hearts have been scattered all around the globe, including the Great Wall of China and Machu Picchu! But you don't have to travel far to scatter them!

Ideas of places to scatter hearts:

  • Public libraries
  • Schools
  • Public parks
  • Stores
  • Anywhere your heart desires!

Mail them to The Peyton Heart Project:

If you don't want to scatter the hearts yourself, you can also mail them to The Peyton Heart Project directly. Someone else will them scatter the hearts.

You can mail them to:

The Peyton Heart Project

112 Seminole Road

Lafayette, NJ 07848


The Peyton Heart Project

103 Autumn Forest Lane

Conroe, TX 77384

Conversely, if you want to scatter the hearts but you don't want to make them you can contact The Peyton Heart Project and request to have hearts mailed to you for a small fee. You can contact them here:  http://www.thepeytonheartproject.org/contact-us/


Planning to make or scatter hearts? Let me know in the comments!

Be sure to follow all of The Peyton Heart Project guidelines prior to scattering!

Rainbow hearts in a pile
Rainbow hearts I donated. Picture was posted by The Peyton Heart Project on social media


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