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Well, I finally did it. I took the plunge and started a yarn-y blog for all things crochet and knit!

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Allow me to introduce myself:

Who am I?

My name is Brittany, aka "the young granny." Young Granny is a nickname I gave to myself in my early 20s. While my college classmates were out partying on Saturday nights, I usually stayed in and knit or crochet.

Logo: illustration of young woman crocheting a scarf

How did I learn my crafts?

I first learned how to knit when I was 19 years old. I was a student at Binghamton University (go Bearcats! and no, no one knows what a bearcat is). There was this student group called Knitwits. It was one of those groups that I always kept thinking about, but procrastinated going to. One evening I decided to take the plunge and a kind group member taught me to knit. It took months of watching YouTube before I could finally remember how to cast on and off by heart. And to this day, if I drop a stitch, I'm screwed.

Soon after learning to knit, two of my suite-mates taught me how to crochet (shoutout to Molly and Holly – I promise those are their real names). My first crochet "square" ended up looking like a Christmas tree because I found it difficult to remember where the rows end. My skills have improved since then!

Although crocheting was much harder for me to learn, it ended up being a major passion.

variety of colored yarn

Why this blog?

I started an Etsy shop a few years ago as a way to sell my completed handmade items. Turns out, maintaining an Etsy shop is much more difficult than it looks. Making items is only a small percentage of the work! There is also photography, posting the description, and incorporating the dreaded SEO. To this day, I haven't sold nearly as many items as I was hoping.

I started to feel down about myself – like my shop/business is a failure. It seemed like a good idea to expand my horizons and try to build a craft business in other ways. That's where this blog comes in!

In this blog, I hope to take you all on my crafting journeys. I hope to share patterns, share triumphs, share defeats, and provide a community for other crafters.

Stay tuned 😉


Lover of all things yarn and crochet. Maker behind Young Granny Boutique.

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